View Full Version : Sinar Norma and Sinar Mechanical shutter

Gregory Ng
1-Dec-2008, 09:59
Frankly, I am missing the circular apertures of barrel lenses that I have got mounted into new shutters. Besides, the costs were considerable. Is the Sinar Mechanical shutter compatible with the Sinar Norma 4 x 5? I like to start experimenting with the smaller format before moving onto 8 x 10.

Thanks for all advice.


Frank Petronio
1-Dec-2008, 10:55
Sure that is the ideal, they fit up and down the model range, old and new. There was a green Norma era one, and several later black/chrome then all black variations later on.

The DB lensmounts and all those variations are a huge pain in the butt. Instead get an extra standard and regular or bag 4x5 bellows. The shutter rides on the middle standard and you can mount your lenses on inexpensive flat lensboards.

Try to get the special shutter release cable with any shutter you buy, otherwise it uses a special long throw release that only Sinar sells for around $150 (or try eBay). There is another cable that can tie into the back of a Sinar to automagically close the shutter when a film holder is inserted. Pretty slick but also a bit finicky. Some people just use a long but tiny screwdriver to fire the shutter. The shutter can have a bit more of a kick than your normal Copal shutters, so practice to make it smoother and use a really solid tripod and lock everything nice and snug.

Gregory Ng
2-Dec-2008, 07:52
Thanks Frank and also for your earlier threads on this topic.