View Full Version : Will a Toyo 67/45 Roll Film Holder fit a B&J view camera?

Steve Feldman
29-Nov-2008, 14:35
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if a Toyo 67 / 45 roll film holder will fit a B&J wood field view camera. My old B&J has a 4x5 springback. Or would a Calumet C2 (n) be a better choice? I also have a Crown Graphic with a Graflock back and would like to interchange the roll film to either camera.



Brian Stein
29-Nov-2008, 15:29
If you have a springback the calumet should fit as it is designed with this scenario in mind and will slide under the crown back too. Im not sure about the toyo back: it looks pretty chunky and may be too thick to fit under the gg. It will work fine with the crown with the graflock.

Steve Feldman
30-Nov-2008, 14:08
Thanks Brian.


George Hofmann
30-Nov-2008, 15:22
The Toyo roll film back is exactly 1.5 inches thick if that helps you decide. It fits fine under my Chamonix 4x5 spring back. It also can be mounted as a Graflok back.


Steve Feldman
30-Nov-2008, 19:48
Thanks to you also George.