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29-Nov-2008, 13:10
hello all,

i have met a guy that has a C&C machine and a fabrication business. i have been working with him to make me waterhouse stops for my old brass lenses.

obviously the expensive part is the machine run time and the time to enter the information into the computer.

so far i have been using carbon steel. it works nicely. we are just finalizing the thicknesses we will be using. because the machine cuts with a laser we are unable to use softer metals like brass.....stainless steel is also possible.

is there any interest out there for some custom made waterhouse stops? please PM or e mail me if this interests you. the turn around will be 4-6 weeks we hope (i will get them out as fast as i can). we can work off existing stops you may have or we can make them from the barrel (you would have to send me the barrel so i could make a template), or you could make the template and send that to me. i plan to make 1-2 runs per month as demand deems necessary. it is better for everyone if we could do several cuts at once.

as i have noted the expensive part is the man hours to draw up the computer model and the machine time. we are figuring a set of stops will be in the $120 +/- neighborhood shipped to you. i am figuring a set to be 4-5 stops but we could make as many as you would like. one stop will be $45.

below is a quick snap of the prototype i have just made. carbon steel painted flat black.

let me know if there is any interest in this.


Gene McCluney
30-Nov-2008, 19:05
You bet. Interested.

26-May-2009, 08:47

Is this still something you are pursuing? I just bought a lens that could use a set of stops.