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kv nguyen
28-Nov-2008, 14:26
does it worth to put a konica grii 260mm in shutter ? will it cost alot ?

Dan Fromm
28-Nov-2008, 14:47
kv, I shoot a 210/9 GRII hung in front of a #1 shutter on 2x3. Its a great lens.

But if you want to shoot a process lens with focal length around 250 - 270 mm, you might be better off looking for a 270/9 G-Claron. These lenses' cells will go straight into a #1 shutter.

AFAIK, none of Konica's process lenses has cells that go straight into a standard shutter. Ask www.lensn2shutter.com and www.skgrimes.com for an estimate of the cost to put your lens in shutter.

To give you an idea of how much remounting a lens can cost, some years ago the late Steve Grimes remounted a 38/4.5 Biogon for me. It had been in a very strange aerial camera shutter, he put it in a #0. He charged $US 300 for the machining. Since then prices have risen.

Paul Ewins
29-Nov-2008, 18:53
Dan, the Konica Hexanon GRII 300mm F9 fits straight into a Copal 3, although there may be an issue with the cell spacing. I read that after putting mine into the shutter so I plan to reverse the process and do some measurements to check if it's true. Actually, as there is some debate it might be safer to say that my GRII 300mm F9, serial 23078xx, fits directly into a Copal 3, YMMV.

Getting the cells out of the Konica barrel is straightforward. There are three grub screws at the rear of the barrel that need to be removed before the rear cell will unscrew. At the front there are three grub screws that hold the sleeve with the aperture scale on it in place. Unscrew them until the tops of the grub screws are flush with the surface and the sleeve will slide freely. There is a hole in the sleeve on the side opposite the aperture scale. As you rotate the sleeve around you will uncover three more grubscrews in the barrel beneath the sleeve. Undo each of these and the front cell can now be unscrewed and removed.

Paul Ewins
29-Nov-2008, 20:11
Well, I have measured the cells in the original barrel and in the Copal 3 and all I can say is Oops! In the barrel with all spacers present the overall length of the complete lens is 84mm. When the cells are installed in a Copal 3 (older chrome rim style) the overall length is 90mm, or 88mm with spacers removed. I'm guessing the extra 4mm is not going to be a good thing.

On closer inspection the threads on each cell are shorter than on, for instance, a 300mm Symmar-S. It looks like the correct spacing could be achieved by machining the back of the Copal 3 barrel down by the required amount. It also looks like the position of the diaphragm may be different too, but I'm not sure how that will affect things.

Dan Fromm
30-Nov-2008, 04:08
Paul, thanks very much for the disassembly instructions and for the news on spacing.

I've had similar spacing problems with one lens. When I sent it and its new shutter to the late Steve Grimes to see what he could do, he remarked "Oh. The shoulder problem." and did some relatively inexpensive work on the shutter that solved it. I don't know if there's an SKGrimes equivalent in OZ -- there ought to be -- but if not Steve's successors are still there and the mails still work.