View Full Version : Calumet C2 Rollfilm Holder - Instructions & 6x7 mask

26-Nov-2008, 22:39
Here in one post are the instructions and a drawing of the acetate mask for the 6x7 format. You will have to make your own mask with the measurements as my drawing is not to scale.

I had difficulty making the attachments fit within the upload limits, so the instructions are just readable when printed out.

Turner Reich
26-Nov-2008, 23:52
Do these holders, the C2 take 220 film, I have one but never used 220 in it, not that there are many choices in 220, one I think, Tri-X. I might be good with this rollfilm holder.

Oh, I should have read the pages you posted, it's right there. Thanks it's a help to me.

26-Nov-2008, 23:53
They take both 120 and 220.