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26-Nov-2008, 03:28
I am considering one of these incorprated into a spare back for my 8x10 - does anyone have any experience of using one of these - any pit falls i should avoid?


also - does anyone know of an equivalent manual advance version?


Lachlan 717
26-Nov-2008, 04:24
Most of the Chinese cameras use a manual permitation of this roll film back.

The upside is they are way, way cheaper than this.

Additionally, you don't have the issue of flat batteries!

Some people suggest that these backs have film flatness issues (some claim film tention, others blame the pressue plates); however, I have not had any issue with 2 models that I have used.


Turner Reich
26-Nov-2008, 05:25
On a 5x7 it would be hot, I'd love to have one, batteries and all.

26-Nov-2008, 06:17
I have not had any issue with 2 models that I have used.


Lachlan - could you point me to a manufacturer?

David A. Goldfarb
26-Nov-2008, 07:28
Unless you particularly need to shoot rollfilm or you need to be able to enlarge these in a 5x7" enlarger, have you considered making a simple half-darkslide mask? It's cheap and takes up little space in the bag, and gives you two 4x10" images on an 8x10" sheet of film using filmholders you already have. If you're scanning on a flatbed or drum scanner, you'll have a bigger neg/transparency to work with as well with better film flatness than rollfilm in general.

26-Nov-2008, 09:41
I've got the Shen 6x17 back mounted on a Shen FCL-810 with a 5x7 reducing back. Remember to mount it you need a 5x7 graflok back.

Supplier? Any Shen Hao dealer I'd guess. I ordered mine from the factory. A little cheaper and less hassle when living in Canada.

Ed Brock
26-Nov-2008, 11:22
I was told this week (Badger Graphic) that the Shen-Hao 6x17 for 5x7 has been discontinued.

26-Nov-2008, 12:19
funnily enough i rang them this afternoon (London time anyway) - spoke to a guy who was very helpful and he explained that the build quality and pressure plate design on the Canham is better - but at a cost...he didn't say that the Shen Hao was discontinued.

I have had a couple of dealings with them and have found them excellent...

Lachlan 717
26-Nov-2008, 14:43
Lachlan - could you point me to a manufacturer?

As mentioned, Shen Hao make/made them. Send Mr Zhang an email at zhangfmli@vip.sina.com. I have found him remarkably helpful in the past.

Perhaps in the same email, you could ask him about a 4x10 reducing back. I know that they have one. If it doesn't fit your camera (for any reason), I am sure that Mr Zhang will make one.

Or you might want to ask him about making you a split back for 8x10. He's very open to suggestions for new products to add to his range (he made me a custom 6x17 camera that now is in Shen Hao's regular range).