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Kevin Klazek
22-Nov-2008, 09:05
Well, actually a fly reel case, but it holds my Fuji 240, 300 and 450 on 4x4 boards perfectly. The case is padded and has 3 movable dividers in it. All for the sum of $19.99. I know this concept is not new, but I thought I would pass it along for anyone looking for a good lens case to fit in a backpack. It is a White River Reel Case, and measures 4x5x10 inches (model # WR-510FRC). I got mine at Bass Pro Shops, but It may be available elsewhere.


Gene McCluney
22-Nov-2008, 11:50
I have several of those Bass Pro reel cases that I use for LF lens storage. The only problem I have had, is the zippers on these cases are plastic and prone to failure, I have had one fail (out of 4 cases). But they are cheap and cheerful.