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21-Nov-2008, 07:18
My 5x7 is a studio based monorail, I would like to get out and about with it, so I thought some kind of trolley would do the job. As yet I have not found exactly what I think I need. I looked at baby prams, but these don't look tough enough for rough ground etc. I'm shure others here have found solutions to this, please share.


Walter Calahan
21-Nov-2008, 09:36
3-wheel jogging strollers.

Mine has built-in suspension. Works over any terrain.

Cameras are stowed in a backpack, and bungee cord attached.

Michael Nagl
28-Nov-2008, 02:06
Hi Kevin,

strange enough that this question isn`t being discussed more frequently - I´ve owned a supercool 5x7 monorail for years and was never using it until I found - the wheel!
Now I have an even heavier camera, no problem since it sits in an old women´s shopping stroller (Andersen) that has an extra compartment in the front for frozen pizza or whatever - thermo insulated and three 8x10 holders fit in like the hand in the glove! I replaced the original wheels with bigger ones from an old pram. It´s not impossible to carry it over short distances (e.g. stairs) and when I take the subway I don`t need an entire wagon. The only downside is, people take me for some kind of mad golf player who lost his way.

28-Nov-2008, 08:14
I'll second the 3-wheel jogging stroller. They have wheels like a small bicycle rather than the little baby stroller ones.

Ralph Barker
28-Nov-2008, 10:56
I ended up with a folding golf cart that has 4" wide wheels - great for sandy soil.

Paddy McKay
29-Nov-2008, 08:00
I'm familiar with the three wheeled jogger units, but could the rest of you possibly post some pics of your units?

Peter Mounier
29-Nov-2008, 11:29
I've read about these carts but haven't used one myself.
They look pretty nice though. They have a smaller footprint, and may be more maneuverable on uneven terrain than the jogging strollers.


robert fallis
29-Nov-2008, 11:34
I have a cheap folding golf trolley with a plastic storage box fixed to it, works ok on Linconshire fields. not sure about other places


Drew Bedo
30-Nov-2008, 20:53
Hello Kevin,

I have used a cart for golf bags. I fastened a back-pack frame to it with small hose clamps and hung my LowPro pack on it with my 4x5 kit. It works well any where you can get a wheel chair and about anywhere else that just sneakers or flip-flops will take you. I got mine cheap at a pawn shop.

John Powers
1-Dec-2008, 07:32
Many of the old guys here have found carts or baby joggers to push around bigger cameras. I am 68 and this used jogger from eBay http://babyjogger.com/performancesingle.htm with 20 inch wheels and 100 pound shocks lets me go two miles out from the car with a 7x17 mounted on a big Ries tripod; 7 film holders and a bag of lenses, meter and lunch. It also works well with my 8x10. Though I would love to try, I don’t think either my budget or body is strong enough for a larger camera.

I posted this in answer to another question in this same forum. Hope it helps here. Because it has big wheels the jogger works on trails, fields, grass, gravel and such. It won't do stairs or cliffs, but at 68 my doctor says I should probably give them a pass anyway.


2-Dec-2008, 10:21
There's allways the superb solution of Ansel Adams:the donkey.

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