View Full Version : How sturdy is a Chamonix 8x10?

16-Nov-2008, 08:41
A questions to those who have used both Phillips and Chamonix 8x10 cameras: how sturdy is the Chamonix by comparison to the Phillips? According to several forums, the Phillips seems to be one of the most wind- and vibration-proof yet light weight 8x10s. Looking at a photograph of the Chamonix 8x10 (http://www.chamonixviewcamera.com/810.html), some of the metal parts look more like those of a Canham 8x10 which supposedly 'rattles' quite a bit. On the other hand, the design of the Chamonix seems to be based on the Phillips, so I wonder how the two compare in practice.

In any event, I have a Wehman which I am quite happy with but I may want to purchase a second 8x10 in the future. Thanks.

John Powers
17-Nov-2008, 05:41
Is the second 8x10 to be in addition to the Wehman? I am curious only to see what I must be missing. I have an 8x10 Phillips (about 1993 model) Advantage for field and a long bellows Sinar P 8x10 for still life. If it is to be a second camera, how will it be used? Sorry, I have not seen a Chamonix 8x10.


17-Nov-2008, 06:52
I am a relatively new user of the Canham 8x10, having traded from a Wehman 8x10. So far, I have had the camera out on one day in a breeze stiff enough to blow the camera over with me under the darkcloth (yes, I hit the ground too, quite embarrassing but fortunately not bruising). The camera suffered no harm at all, but more to the point, I did not notice any untoward difficulty with inadequate camera stiffness during the rest of the day's shooting, which included using extensions up to and a bit over 500mm of bellows (what, me careful?). The building breeze did convince me to finally pack things in, but it was more over concern for the cameras safety (I had no handy method to weight the tripod) than its stiffness for taking photos. I never used the Wehman in comparable conditions, but it could probably withstand a hurricane given a proper tripod and photographer, all it lacks to serve as a windbreak is the weight to keep it in place (which the Canham, for better or worse, does have a bit more of). I can't imagine vibrations being much of a problem for any component of the Wehman other than the bellows themselves. Those standards aren't going anywhere. But again, I was impressed with the stiffness of the Canham on my little breezy day and have no complaint regarding its performance.