View Full Version : Shan-hao Lensboards

Jay Wolfe
15-Nov-2008, 06:56
I recently picked up a Shen-hao camera that takes a lensboard that I measure at 109mm square. I presume this is the same size as the Canham and Toyo 110 mm lensboards. First, can someone confirm that the Canham/Toyo lensboards fit this camera? Second, if so, will the Toyo-made adapter to use Linhof-type lensboards work on this Shen-hao, e.g., will it fit in the opening?

Erik Larsen
15-Nov-2008, 08:11
Hi Jay,
I have a shen 4x5 and mine takes technika type boards. I have used generic, shen, toyo and technika boards and they all fit well. The rough measurements are 96x109mm. I'm not familiar with that adapter however so can't comment on it.

15-Nov-2008, 08:59
What model is it? As Erik said, my Shen Hao takes Technka boards...

Jay Wolfe
15-Nov-2008, 09:59
If you read my posting, you can see that this camera does not take Linhof Technica lensboards. They are 109mm square.