View Full Version : Loading a Graflex roll film holder question

Rafael Garcia
15-Nov-2008, 05:08
The first time I used mine I obviously advanced it too much at the beginning because I wasted a lot of film at the start, and although I got my 10 shots, they were crowded (slight overlap). I found this


but I think that was exactly the way I loaded mine. What seems to be missing is an instruction on how much to wind (a paper arrow mark) before closing the holder. I may have wound too far.

Does anyone know the technique for this?

15-Nov-2008, 06:22
I do not have the graflex back, but this is the way it worked for my RB67.

There are arrow marks on the film backing. You are supposed to *slowly* wind the roll until the arrows line up with the marks on the filmholder and then close the back and wind the film to the first frame.

Hope this helps.


Rafael Garcia
15-Nov-2008, 06:41
I don't have marks on the film holder except for a white arrow pointing at the spindle for the left side (new roll side). I will try aligning my paper arrows with it when I load today, as it is the only clue I have. It may be that simple. Thanks.

15-Nov-2008, 08:06
That's the right way she works.

Dan Fromm
15-Nov-2008, 09:17

Jim Noel
15-Nov-2008, 12:42
The white arrow is the one you need to line up with the arrows on the film.