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15-Nov-2008, 00:21
Is anyone doing anything with graphic arts cameras??
I was given an 18x24 process camera, & I'm thinking about setting it up for stillife shooting, or......perhaps, for big landscapes, mounting it in the back of a van!!
David Silva

15-Nov-2008, 01:09
What do you have for a lens and holder?
You can pick up some 16x20 Arista Ortho Litho Film for about 2 bucks a sheet, or some 12x18 and/orr 11x14 for less. Might be fun to play with!



15-Nov-2008, 01:22
It came with a 16 1/2" red dot Artar!! with an electric Packard shutter.
It has a hinged vacuum back.
The bed is 10' long...Yeah it's big.
before I can use it, I need to build it into a wall.

It came from a small town newspaper, gone digital.
'Twas tough to hide from the wife.....

Mark Woods
15-Nov-2008, 10:27
I bet!!!!

15-Nov-2008, 10:47
With that lens, it sounds like you couldo take 5 to 7 feet off the length to make it "portable"! The lens probably won't cover 16x20 unless you do some tight macro work, but some still lifes would be fun.


Drew Bedo
16-Nov-2008, 15:27
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