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14-Nov-2008, 14:59
I am thinking of buying the Shen-Hao 4x5 but I really wanted to see one first. I found a store in Phoenix that can order one for me, but since I don't live there that doesn't help much. Is there anybody in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, area that has one, or knows about them.


Brad Kaz

kev curry
14-Nov-2008, 15:49
...unless of course you could ''see'' a Chamonix first... that way you might ''see'' the Shen Hao as a pile of old sticks!
Don't all you Shen users attack at once now:)
Sorry... I know this is an very unfair light to cast on the Shen Hao but my lord how awesome is the Chamonix?
I'm in awe of this baby!


14-Nov-2008, 16:20
Check out Badger Graphics.


Sorry, I didn;t take the time to properly read your post - thought you were looking for one not looking to see one in person.

Gordon Moat
14-Nov-2008, 17:38
I am in San Diego currently, though unfortunately not that close. All things considered of the Chamonix fanboys, I would not trade my HZX45A-II for one. I would miss the back movements of my Shen-hao, since I use those often.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

14-Nov-2008, 18:50
I'm in the van nuys area. I've got a shenhao and I've actually been thinking of putting it up for sale. Either way, if you'd like to take a look at it, let me know.

14-Nov-2008, 20:43
it seems this camera doesn't have as many movements and the shen-hao.

14-Nov-2008, 21:09
I live in San Luis Obispo and love me Shen-Hao. I agree that it seems to have more movements which is why I got it....plus everyone is talking up the Chamonix so much lately you can find a very lightly used Shen for aroud $400.

Eric Rose
15-Nov-2008, 19:40
Next thing we are going to hear is about the "Chamonix glow" LOL.

kev curry
16-Nov-2008, 03:28
...its well know and understood that buying a Chamonix camera instantaneously makes one a better photographer... well at less until you get the negs printed:)

19-Nov-2008, 10:37
...its well know and understood that buying a Chamonix camera instantaneously makes one a better photographer... well at less until you get the negs printed:)

It's also been stated that just carrying a Chamonix in your car adds 20 Horsepower, and increase your gas mileage by 15%.

I used a Shen Hao for a while, and while I don't have any experience with Chamonix, it would definitely have to be exceptional for me to call a Shen a bunch of sticks. I, also would miss the back movements.

In fact the quality, and integrity of the Shen was good enough that I would most likely look at the new lite Shen Hao, which may (or may not) be a copy of a Chamonix, for less money.

19-Nov-2008, 11:29
If you like the Chamonix 4X5 you might want to wait a bit for the new Shen Hao.


The new Shen Hao is obviously based on the Chamonix design, ok I guess because the Chanonix design was based on a Phillips.

Sandy King

19-Nov-2008, 12:31
I bought a Zone VI 4x5 camera in August. A few weeks later a friend of mine bought a Shen Hao. I like my camera. I am tres jealous of the Shen Hao's back movements and more importantly the Internaional (a.k.a. Graphic) back.

19-Nov-2008, 13:20
Either camera will make fine photos. I happen to have a Shen Hao and am very happy. the biggest issue is availability. Shen Hao has stocking distribution in the USA so you can get parts if needed with a phone call to Badger or Midwest. Everyone who ordered the Chamonix seems to be happy with the service and the product. Whats most important is how you use the camera and what glass you pick.

25-Nov-2008, 21:07
I purchased my Shen-Hao TZ45-IIB from Badger and have been very pleased with it.
The Camera is Solid and the focusing is smooth.

Only issue I have (Not with the Camera) is that there is not yet a good Aluminum Case for the IIB as there is for the Shen-Hao HZX 4X5-IIA. The Aluminum Case at Badger will not fit the IIB as they informed me.
The IIB Camera is slightly larger (190x190x110mm) Verses the smaller IIA (170x170x100mm)

25-Nov-2008, 21:29
RmFrase, I'm sure Pelican has a case sized right for your new camera. It shouldn't cost much more than the cheap cases Badger has. Try amazon.com or pelican.com for specs.