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14-Nov-2008, 01:37
Still new to LF, I've had my Toyo 45AX and Rodenstock 150mm for a month now, and very pleased I am, while still weaning myself gradually into the intricacies of the genre. I just added a Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm SA 5.6. I notice on the GG fairly extensive vignetting when composing/focusing at f5.6. I won't have time to process any negatives before I go off on a two week trip so I'm wondering what the effect will be like at shooting apertures f16-f22 etc. It's been too dark to make out on the GG. Do I really need a center filter? As my negs will be scanned and printed digitally I can use "computing power" to deal with this sort of thing although I'd rather not have to.

14-Nov-2008, 01:48
The apparent light falloff on the ground glass when using wide angles is always much greater than the real falloff on the film so I suspect you will be fine without a centre filter, particularly if you are scanning. However people do use them with these lenses when using extreme movements or for critical architectural work so if this is what you are doing then you might need to think again. Try it and see.

David Whistance

Aender Brepsom
14-Nov-2008, 01:51
I use the same lens for Velvia slides, and have not felt the need for a center filter for my landscape work. It might be different for architecture shots with lots of movements.
As you wrote, you can always deal with a slight vignetting in PS.

15-Nov-2008, 01:41
thanks for the reassurances - I'm off for a two week trip with the lens so I feel pretty confident now. No extreme movements envisaged