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Tintype Bob
12-Nov-2008, 17:08
Hi all - I have an old Speed Graphic that i love, can't beat that focal plane shutter with different lenses. I don't have a rangefinder on it and was wondering if anyone knew of a place that would install one for me and give the camera an overall tune up. I know i could replace the camera easy but it has been good to me so I would like to keep it. ANY SUGESTIONS??????

12-Nov-2008, 17:32
Fred Lustig
4790 Caughlin Pkwy #433
Reno, NV 89509
phone (775) 746-0111 (Pacific time zone, daytime only)

Fred worked for Graflex and now does repairs.

Glenn Thoreson
13-Nov-2008, 13:17
Fred is the best there is and he has the remaining factory parts. The number listed is his home, and only, phone. Please call during business hours.

Jim Galli
13-Nov-2008, 14:10
Fred just repaired and set all the speeds on my 5X7 speedy. He's a national treasure. If you're anywhere withing 500 miles of Reno, go see him in person!

Juergen Sattler
13-Nov-2008, 14:12
Fred is actually gone this week and maybe even next week, so be patient if you cannot get a hold of him. I just sent him a Top RF Crown to install and calibrate a 135mm cam and he told me that he would be leaving for a week or two and that it could take a couple of weeks before I got my Crown back.

Tintype Bob
14-Nov-2008, 15:32
Would he be able to supply and install a range finder and what kind of turn around could it be

Dan Fromm
14-Nov-2008, 16:27
Bob, Fred has the parts. When Graflex' Western Division closed, Midwest Photo Exchange bought their stock of parts and subsequently sold 'em all to Fred.

You'll have to ask Fred about turnaround. He'll be doing the work, he knows how fast he works these days and what his backlog is. No one else does.

I don't know whether he still does it, but he used to vanish for months at a time every once in a while. He managed his backlog so that all jobs were completed before he took off for parts unknown, wouldn't accept jobs he doubted could be finished before departure.

I'm surprised that Glenn didn't mention it, but your best option may be to buy another Speed with a rangefinder. There's nothing wrong with having more than one Graphic. Glenn has many.

Glenn Thoreson
14-Nov-2008, 19:13
Yup, I do! I've finally quit building them, too. No more room. If you're up to a DIY job, keep an eye on ebay seller canyonlandgraphics. They peddle a lot of used Speed Graphic parts. Every now and then you can run across a whole camera for not much more than the pieces. Those are getting to be much harder to find nowadays. I once bought an excellent and very pretty ex-military Pacemaker Speed Graphic that had been dismantled and sold as a "box of parts". Paid 25 bucks for it. All the parts were there and like new. A few hours of assemblage and I had a beauty. Still have it. Then there was the camera store closing, out in the Bay area. 5 Speeds and Crowns, "not working and bad lenses". All of them worked and had good bellows. The ones with lenses had good Tessars in good working Compurs. Scrub-a-dub-dub, all nice and shiny. 25 bucks per each. Keep your eyes open.... :D :D

Tintype Bob
17-Nov-2008, 09:33
Thanks for all the input - I have been in this forum for only a few months and I always get great advice from the people here. I went ahead and got another speed graphic from e-bay - range finder and shutter works great, I am now the proud owner of 2 - THANKS AGAIN