View Full Version : Horseman FA - Rodenstock S 135 mm

12-Nov-2008, 03:53

Does some body now how I can fit a 135mm lens into my Horseman FA
The lens I have is a 135mm apo sironar S lens ... It's just not fitting ...
Please help. And I am looking for a viewer for this camera ...
thank for any helps

Warren Clark
12-Nov-2008, 08:40
Hello Indyfix,

The FA can be modified but another solution is to use Rod. 135 Sironar N-
with smaller front element 40.5 mm filter size.
Also see KEH camera in Atlanta, Ga. for a Horseman folding reflex finder-
look under large format-prisms and finders section. These are difficult to
locate and I would recommend the folding type if you will use the camera in
the field.

Good shooting

Warren Clark

12-Nov-2008, 14:22
Do you have this list of lenses that fit the FA?