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8-Nov-2008, 14:53

I am actually a photography student in milwaukee wisconsin, I have acquired a Kodak 2-D camera from my grandpa with a 5x7 back and I am looking to find a 8x10 back for it.. if anyone could help direct me to a site would be awesome...

also... does anyone no anything about modifying a 2-d for Wet Collodian process



8-Nov-2008, 17:02
the star camera company makes custom wet plate backs.

you can also modify an 8x10 holder to accept a plate.

check here (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=42411) also.



9-Nov-2008, 07:11
Yes, I use a 2D 5x7 for wetplate, and it works fine. See my site here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/garrettsphotos/ for shots, all but the most recent were made with the 2D.

The cheaper route is to modify a dryplate holder. Graflex and others will fit, and either the type with the hinged bottom or the spring bottom will work. Just buy one and take a look, you'll see how to use it. In use, make a 1/8 inch plexiglass insert the size the glass plate would be (5x7). Cut an inner square in the plexi to hold your collodion tin or glass. Glue corner tabs to hold it in. Sand a bevel on the two edges that go under the wooden lips of the holder, so it inserts easier. In operation, you put the colldion side down, against the tabs. Hold the holder upside down, and put the insert with plate in. It works fine.

10-Nov-2008, 21:37
thanks guys...

do you know if it is possible to put an 8x10 back on a 2D

C. D. Keth
12-Nov-2008, 00:21
thanks guys...

do you know if it is possible to put an 8x10 back on a 2D

Well, many if not most 2Ds were in the 8x10 format so I'd say it's very possible.