View Full Version : compur synchro 1 shutter question

pablo batt
7-Nov-2008, 15:36
my shutter is great , fairly accurate and even the selftimer works ok, but...

when i switch the shutter from x to m it will not fire , this isnt really a problem its just something i would like to understand

any help would be appreciated

7-Nov-2008, 16:43
Unless you are shooting with flash bulbs and need M-synch this won't be an issue... if the shutter is "great , fairly accurate and even the selftimer works".

pablo batt
7-Nov-2008, 16:52
thx brian, i do have some old bulbs but im unlikely to use them. i only ask this question due to having accidentally hit the switch to m and not knowing how to release the shutter, usually a couple pushes of the x m switch and the shutter will release. i think i may try and stop the switch from moving out of x mode or just check before each shot

Peter K
8-Nov-2008, 13:39
There is one issue with such a faulty shutter, a part could be loose, drop somewhere and destroy the whole shutter. So it's a good idea to repair the shutter before something worser happens.

Sorry Pablo, I've opend a Sync Compur #1 yesterday after your posting but I've no idea about this fault can come from.

pablo batt
8-Nov-2008, 16:01
i wouldn't want my shutter to destroy itself, if i leave now i should be able to drive my shutter to the nearest:D emergency care unit ,.