View Full Version : Technika and RRS B25 plate?

David Swinnard
4-Nov-2008, 13:01
I'm contemplating jumping into the present and getting a quick release plate/clamp to hold my Technika V to my tripod head. Before I commit the funds I wanted to ask if any of you Technika users have, in fact, used the B25 plate. My main concern is whether it will interfere with the revolving back or not.

If you've found a better solution that works for you, I'd love to hear about that as well.

I've read what I can find in the archives but none of the threads address the B25 plate directly.

FWIW, I'm using lenses from 90mm to 300mm (Apo-Ronar, so it's not a heavy lense) and it is my intention to mount the clamp to my old Gitzo Rational 3 head.


Bob Salomon
4-Nov-2008, 13:42
The Linhof Quickfix works with the Technika. In fact, it was designed specifically with the Technika in mind.

Brian Ellis
5-Nov-2008, 05:57
I've used a variety of different Arca-style plates with a Technika V and a Classic Master but I'm not sure what the B25 plate is. If you'll provide a link to a picture or description I'll let you know if it's one I've used. In general, I've found Technikas and tripod heads/plates a little finicky to use with the various tripods/heads/plates I've owned. Often something on the head/plate seems to get in the way of the drop bed (e.g. the tightening/loosening handle on Arca-style clamps may prevent the front bed from dropping unless the handle is turned 180 degrees from the way you'd initially think to position it) or as you suggest, the rotating back. However, I've always been able to figure out a workable way of using them, it just isn't always immediately obvious.

David A. Goldfarb
5-Nov-2008, 06:22
If that's the one that RRS recommends, it should work. I know they do make a recommendation for the Technika.

I have two generic plates on my Tech V, a short one on the body and a long one on the bed, so that with a long clamp, I can slide the camera from one plate to the other and clamp to either one or both of them. This is a very solid arrangement, allows for the camera to be balanced with any lens or amount of extension, and can work in a pinch like a macro rail when it is impractical to carry a large macro rail suitable for a 4x5" camera.

Ernest MacMillan
7-Nov-2008, 21:16
The B25 plate fits only on the underside tripod mount of the Tech; it has an anti-twist flange that will not allow it to seat on the dropbed tripod mount. The anti-twist flange seats against the leatherette along a bevel in the body casting. Presumably it will leave a line in the leatherette after a long period of use. This is acceptable since the flange prevents the even less desirable unplanned twisting of the camera. The clamp has a little safety stop set screw underneath that prevents the plate from sliding from a partially loosened clamp in some circumstances. However, it renders the Tech a little wobbly when it is, say, sitting on a table in an upright position. You can easily remove the screw with the supplied hex key when this bothers you.

I can detect no impairment of functionality, including free rotation of the back. The style of the plate is "fore-aft", meaning that the grooves of the dovetail point forward (and backwards). This means that the lever or knob of the clamp will point to the right or left and will not interfere with enjoyment of use of the camera.

So the camera-clamp connection works. It remains to check the clamp-head compatibility. What you need to do is determine whether your head will work for you when the clamp is mounted in this right left orientation.

Ed Richards
8-Nov-2008, 12:26
I use the B25 on my Technika and it works great. It is unbalanced with longer lenses. You can also get a longer bar and bolt it to both tripod holes for a really rigid mount, but you have to break it down to fold the camera.

Henry Carter
8-Nov-2008, 13:43
The B25 plate is made for 1/4" sockets, and hence may not be the most appropriate fit if you have a 3/8" socket on your camera. You should use a 3/8" screw in a 3/8" socket rather than using a 1/4" screw with a reducing bushing.

On both my Master Technika and Technika 3000, there are 3/8" sockets. On the body of each camera I have a B22 plate, and below the bed I have a B29 plate for use with longer lenses. The plates fit very well, have anti-twist flanges, do not interfere with back rotation, are extremely solid, and have appropriate 3/8" screws.

I tried the Linhof Quickfix, but the plates do not have any anti-twist flages and hence are not as secure as the RRS plates.