View Full Version : Please show me your wet plate backs and holders

2-Nov-2008, 16:00
hello all,

i am attempting to build a wet plate holder and back. i am trying to decide what path to follow.

i am going to use my century universal. i would like to make a dedicated back for it. a hinged back seems like the way to go. should i make it so the ground glass pulls out and the holder is inserted or should i make it so the GG hinges up and out of the way but is still attached? what do your backs look like? what do the holders look like? can you make a back and holder all in one? what do you do about the GG?

please show me photos of your wet plate backs and holders!



matthew blais
2-Nov-2008, 20:02
Try looking here: http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/WPC/wpc.html

or here: http://www.starcameracompany.com/

if you haven't yet..

3-Nov-2008, 11:56
thanks matt.

i am also looking for individuals answer to the back/holders. sometimes there are very interesting ideas out there.

Ole Tjugen
3-Nov-2008, 14:21
In my case, I have two separate backs: One for the ground glass, one for the wet plate, each complete with dark slide and hinged lid. The two backs are identical except for the chemical stains on one of them.

I don't know why - that's the way I bought them. But I can believe that it makes it lossible to be just a few seconds quicker in getting the wet plates in the camera, exposed, and back to the darkroom for processing?

3-Nov-2008, 20:18
thanks ole. any photos of the two backs?

Scott Schroeder
3-Nov-2008, 20:24
Eddie, Wayne Pierce does fine work if you decide to buy. His site (http://www.companyphotographer.com/wetplate/equipment/plateholder/plateholder.html) also has some pics of how he makes them.

Ole Tjugen
3-Nov-2008, 23:22
thanks ole. any photos of the two backs?

Why yes -