View Full Version : Cambo reflex hood fits Toyo 45A?

Kevin M Bourque
2-Nov-2008, 10:27
Hi all -

I rather like using a reflex viewer and I was wondering if the Cambo/Calumet accessories were compatible with Toyo. I found a copy of the Toyo manual on line and it was unclear if the folding hood was even removable.

After searching the forum here my guess is "no", but I couldn't find anything conclusive.

The is the viewer I'm talking about: http://www.calumetphoto.com/item/CB0220/

Many thanks!

Gem Singer
2-Nov-2008, 12:47
The folding focusing hood on the Toyo "A" metal field cameras attaches to the ground glass frame with pins, can be swung out of the way, and is easily removable. It serves as a protector for the ground glass when folded.

The Cambo Reflex monocular viewer is made of plastic and is a slightly different size. It does not readily attach to the ground glass frame of a Toyo. I've never tried attaching it to a Toyo A, however, I've seen it attached with Velcro to the GG frame of a wooden field camera. You might be able to modify it to fit a Toyo A.

The Cambo viewer that I owned mated nicely with my Canham DLC. There were clips built into the ground glass frame of the DLC that made it easy to attach and remove the viewer.