View Full Version : 90 mm wide angle on Wista 4X5?

William Sherman
11-Oct-2008, 04:22
Are there any problems with mounting and shooting a 90 mm wide angle on a Wista 4x5? I would like to get the Rodenstock f4.5 but the price on the Fujinon f5.6 looks attractive. How do these two lenses compare? Thanks for any info on this subject.


Darryl Baird
11-Oct-2008, 07:00
you might wish for a bag bellows if you need more extreme vertical shifts... I love my 90mm fuji SWD and Nikkor f/8, but never owned but one Rodenstock (Apo-Grandagon 35mm) so I can't compare.

The price difference, for me, makes the Fuji a much better deal... giving up only 1/2 stop.

William Sherman
11-Oct-2008, 09:48
Thanks Darryl. When I bought my camera many years ago I was under the impression you could not use the 90 mm on the Wista so I got a Rodenstock 135 mm to use as a "wide angle". I use a Rodenstock 210 for a short tele. Now I would like to get a real wide angle.


Darryl Baird
11-Oct-2008, 10:35
Which model Wista do you have? My Wista is the metal technical (45) version that predates the current SP. Of all the options to put a wide angle lens on the camera, a flat lensboard with regular bellows has some limited functionality, a recessed lensboard is next, and a bag bellows with a special wide-angle adapter gives the most flexibility (though its a moderate pain in the arse to install and a bit pricey) and allows much shorter lenses.

With the 90 on a flat board, I can barely use the drop bed with backward tilt (to raise the sky) and still focus on infinity. Tight, but it works. A shorter lens would require one of the other options. I keep a 65 Nikkor permanently mounted in the wide-angle contraption with bag bellows, but it requires replacing the regular bellows.

William Sherman
11-Oct-2008, 12:43
I bought the camera used about 28 yrs. ago with no documentation. It is cherry wood and brass and I think it is a DX model but I'm not shure. The bellows are fixed. I looked on the web and found what looks like my camera. In the "features" it said it would take a 90 mm which is what got me to thinking about a wide angle.


William Sherman
11-Oct-2008, 13:11
This looks like a new version of what I have.


Gem Singer
11-Oct-2008, 13:25
PM sent.

Chuck Pere
11-Oct-2008, 15:25
I have about the same age Wista Field 4x5. The 90 is a little tight but works fine for my landscape use. Using the smaller Nikon f8 model.