View Full Version : Black and White to the Max!

Lenny Eiger
31-Aug-2008, 11:09
EigerStudios is very excited to announce an extension to our printing services. We have recently acquired a second Roland Pro 2, a 54 inch wide top-of the-line inkjet printer.

The first is filled with the d'Vinci System, an individually controlled 12 color system that offers the widest gamut, most accurate color and smoothest prints of any printer on the market.

We have set up our new Roland as a dedicated black and white machine. Six of the slots are filled with a warm tone set and the other 6 are set up with cold tone inks. A mixture of the two provides a neutral tone. Of course, we can split tone, any channel, in any direction.

We can now offer any tonality of black and white print our clients desire.

We have been printing for many years in black and white, with specialized custom-mixed inksets. We start with Cone Piezotones and re-mix them from 4 dilutions of black to 6, to our own specifications. Until now, we have focused on the warmer tones as it is our favorite tonality for our own work. However, not everyone else likes a warm tone. We now have a variety of tonalities and split tones available.

EigerStudios is a museum quality printing service. We have spared no expense in acquiring the finest equipment, from our 8,000 dpi Aztek Premier drum scanner to the highest quality printers available in color and black and white. We have many years of experience in profiling, ink mixing and printing to exacting standards.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, give us a call or drop us an email.