View Full Version : First Glimpse of Chamonix 5x7

Hugo Zhang
8-Aug-2008, 16:16

Expected shipping is one or two months away. I will know the pricing in two weeks.

12-Aug-2008, 11:04
Very tasty indeed hugo. Do you think there maybe a 5x7 conversion kit where the 4x5 cameras could have a 5x7 back added? They look really similar, just a larger back. Also a 4x5 adaptor for the 5x7's?

Daniel Grenier
12-Aug-2008, 11:33
I am not a fan of (most) things made in China but I must say that this looks really impressive. I'd love to test drive one for a while.

13-Aug-2008, 18:03
Would the the 5x7 have the ability to have a reducing back to 4x5???


Eirik Berger
20-Aug-2008, 08:45
Please keep us posted with the progress. I am very interested in this one.
Humhh.. how does one order?

Gordon Moat
20-Aug-2008, 10:53
I just noticed a bunch of 5x7 film holders on EBAY. Stumbled upon them when I was looking at another HB&H lens up for auction. Same seller also has many other interesting vintage items. I have no relation nor connection to the seller, though I thought it might interest a few here, since it seems 5x7 film holders are not that common.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

22-Aug-2008, 11:11
I believe it has now been 2 weeks since the day of the post-Pricing?:):):)

Hugo Zhang
22-Aug-2008, 13:33
I need another two weeks as the owner of Chamonix is on the trip somewhere in Tibet and there is no phone or internet contact.

james zhou
22-Aug-2008, 20:06
Beautiful camera! I noticed that the back is hold by a thin spring rod. I wonder if it is strong enough to hold film holder tightly. I have a 5x12 back made by Shenhao of similar construction, and the spring is weak!

Aaron Rocky
30-Aug-2008, 13:20
Any interest of group purchase?