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Zach In Israel
15-Jun-2008, 00:05
I have a Bogen 3036 that I use for my Sinar as well as a telescope and various other things. The problem I am having is that since each of the legs can move freely when you set it up I can never get the thing vertical. Is there some trick I am missing here?

16-Jun-2008, 08:52
I was recently setting up my tripod using a technique I had learned for rough leveling a surveyor's tripod many years ago and it occurred to me that perhaps not all photographers were familiar with it.

I don't know the Bogen 3036, but it seems a bit more sophisticated than mine so I assume that it has a circular bullseye level. If possible, set the tripod up with at least two inches of extension still available on each leg. To level the tripod, you imagine that the bullseye level is marked with three crossing diametrical lines each parallel to one of the legs. (I wonder why they are not marked that way.) Assuming the bubble is not already centered, determine which of the three diametrical lines the bubble is closest to and lengthen the associated leg to bring the bubble toward the leg, or shorten it to move the bubble away from the leg. Stop when the bubble exactly crosses one of the other imaginary diametrical lines. Then by adjusting that leg longer or shorter the same way, you should be able to center the bubble in just those two adjustments.

It really is easier to do than to describe.

neil poulsen
16-Jun-2008, 23:17
I used to have a 3036 and thought they had clickstops? Not sure though.

Consider getting the updated version, the 475. It's the best of both worlds. Like the 3036, the legs can be independently adjusted.

The legs also have clickstops for even adjustment. Once tightened at their clickstops, the 475 has an improved center post that allows one to expand and close the tripod legs just like a regular tripod.

Zach In Israel
17-Jun-2008, 07:30
Buying a new tripod is not an option right now. I'm a little broke and everything in Israel costs 3x as much as in the USA. So I had better learn to love what I got.

17-Jun-2008, 07:38
Here's a picture for that model


I have the same thing, but in silver and I find that there is no good way to get it setup level quickly. I usually just setup generally level and make final adjustments using the head (a 3047) and it all works out just fine. The bubble level on the top of mine is dry (it's quite old and had a hard life before it came to me) but I don't really find this situation that troubling - that's your best tool for finding level if your still has fluid in it.

As the others have stated, try leaving some length in the legs when you first setup, and leave the inner knobs loose as well. Once you get it setup, adjust the height of the legs first to get the bubble level, and then when you have the legs where you want them tighten the inner struts and mount your gear.

- Randy