View Full Version : Darkcloth for TK45s

Ben Chase
6-Jun-2008, 12:14
Hi folks, any other TK45s (Technikardan) users here using a particular brand of darkcloth?
I sold my Blackjacket not too long ago as it didn't work well with the camera. What is everyone using for this camera? I'd like to pick another one up before I leave later this month on my Glacier trip.


Ron Bose
6-Jun-2008, 13:25
Ebony Weatherproof, with the clamp that attaches to the front-standard's accessory show - acts as a big lens shade ....

Richard Wall
6-Jun-2008, 14:00
I had a seamstress friend sew two pieces of heavy black linen together. I have about a foot of velcro on one edge (hooks on one side and loops on the other). The whole things is about 3ft x 4ft with the velcro along one of the 4ft edges. The velcro holds the cloth around the camera very nicely, but is easy to take off. No problems with this set-up in ten years of use. I think the whole thing cost me about $10.00, not including the dinner for the seamstress.


Bob Salomon
6-Jun-2008, 18:45
Linhof makes a very nice one. So does Wista.

Jean-Louis Llech
24-Jul-2008, 02:11
Ben, I use a Gnassgear darkcloth on a Master Technika, and it works well. Three velcro strips and two press-studs allow an excellent fixation on the camera back.

Jean-Louis Llech
24-Jul-2008, 02:47
Tom Westbrook wrote a review of the Gnassgear darkcloth : http://www.tomwestbrook.com/Photography/lf_accessories.html.
I join a "commercial" picture of the darkcloth from their website, the only one I have. But the darkcloth itself is much more impressive than on this picture, very well designed and manufactured (as all Gnass products).
I could take some other photos of mine on the Linhof and send them to you, if you need.
IMO, avoid all darkclothes with lead weights. If you are outside, with a windy weather, these weights can hit either the groundglass or the lens and break them.

Brian Sims
24-Jul-2008, 10:19
I made one for my TK45 out of two layers of black ripstop and one layer of white (to reflect heat). It's light enough that it doesn't deflect the bellows.

Michael Kadillak
25-Jul-2008, 20:52
You might be surprised at what can be accomplished with a Linhof reflex viewer. When the wind gets gusty and the shot is not that complicated, these well engineered devices are really fabulous.


Jean-Louis Llech
27-Jul-2008, 02:16
Yes, the reflex viewer is excellent. I have one, and I think that it is a bit bulky in a bag, as it doesn't fold as Horseman models do.
Only separate into two parts. Maybe a bit fragile in a bag.

Peter De Smidt
29-Jul-2008, 15:25
Black Jacket.