View Full Version : Swiss army surplus rucksack surprise!

John Kasaian
6-Jun-2008, 09:18
I've been getting ready for a shoot on the "other" side of the Sierras with the 8x10 'dorff and I can't find my Lowe Trekker AW.
I know it's somewhere around here---I just don't know where:confused: It is a huge and heavy pack, and really overkill for day hiking but everything fits and is protected so "thats what I've got" only now I "don't got it" or at least I can't find it:(

So now it is time to get resourceful!

I've got a large ALICE pack which can digest more stuff than I care to carry but I never really enjoyed using it for delicate stuff like photography gear. Lets see what else is available...

The Jansport Equinox isn't big enough to hold the 'dorff but does a great job carting the 5x7 Speeder and related stuff :(

That leaves the most recent addition---a Swiss Army Surplus salt and pepper rucksack I got for around $30 off the internet...hmmm...let's see what it can hold...

Yowser! The '8x10 'dorff goes right in! There's plenty of room for lots of holders, filters, cleaning kit, a couple of extra lenses on lensboards, dark cloth, loupe and light meter plus lunch, with straps for the tripod!

In fact, with all this stuff it is really heavier than I'd care to carry, so I'll have to pair things down a bit. Quite a bit. Yet it can do the job and the equipment fits better than in the ALICE in that there is just enough room to "pad" the gear but not so much room that getting everything padded just right becomes a chore because of the potential for it to shift around.

My photo trip is saved! :D

Jim Noel
6-Jun-2008, 09:41
This experience shows the folly of paying huge amounts for "Photo" Back Packs. I adapt all kinds of packs which are cheaper and lighter and still do the job. My 717 fits in an old internal frame pac which costs $65 perfectly. I use the saved money for film.

6-Jun-2008, 10:31
I've got quite a few army surplus bags and things that I use, I love going to the surplus store! :-)

David A. Goldfarb
6-Jun-2008, 10:49
I looked up these bags and they certainly look big and attractive, but how are they to carry over a distance? They look like an old-fashioned design without a waist belt, putting all the weight on the shoulders instead of the hips.

Walter Calahan
6-Jun-2008, 11:10

Now that it is in the surplus bag, I recommend getting a 3-wheeled bicycle tire child jogging stroller with full suspension. They sell for half price or better on eBay all the time. Load the gear in the stroller, save your back, and push the stuff instead of carry.

6-Jun-2008, 12:17
Second the stroller. You can find them cheaply at baby consignment shops, thrift stores and occasionally at yard sales.

John Kasaian
6-Jun-2008, 13:53
Yes it's an old school rucksack, I wouldn't want to carry a really heavy load over a long distance but as a day pack it is quite comfortable if I limit the wieght. I'm thinking the 'dorff padded with the dark cloth and three or four holders isn't too bad. With a rifle sling on the tripod (leave the head in the car) and a belly bag for lunch etc... it should work nicely.

Walter and Juan,
Alas I'll be shooting mostly in a designated wilderness area and the trail is still covered with snow so a stroller would probably be more of a hassle. It is also a very steep trail and I'd hate for Ma 'dorff to go for an unintended joy ride :eek: