View Full Version : Walnut Tripod... revisited!

Jim Fitzgerald
4-Jun-2008, 22:40
Well, I finished the rebuilding of the tripod due to my mishap. I decided to try the tri-lock design that the Reis Tripods have. Mind you now I'll try just about anything and being the cheap bastard that I am I had to see if I could build it. Thanks to all who sent me pictures of their tripods so I could give it a try.

Yes I know I built the parts out of Walnut and it won't be a solid as metal but it does work very well and seems sturdier than before. It locks tight and weights about the same as before.


4-Jun-2008, 23:04
Little wooden parts, i think your asking for it.

Henry Suryo
5-Jun-2008, 03:21
I'm not sure I would put my 11x14 camera on that tripod. Just doesn't feel like it would give me peace of mind especially if I have to maneuver the camera around when composing. With the Ries, I get a sense of solidity and security, it's the tripod for big cameras. Henry

Jim Fitzgerald
5-Jun-2008, 06:17
Guys, thanks for your concern. I knew that I would get these concerns from everyone. Let me tell you this. I sat on the tripod last night! Now I don't weight all that much (135lbs.) but it holds me very well! It should hold my 16 lb. 11x14 0k. This is this same tripod I used for my 8x20 and 11x14 before. Why would it not work. The only reason it broke in the first place was due to a boulder that one of the legs was on twisted. It was a mistake on my part, not making sure the tripod was secure, not a weak tripod. Again, thanks for your concern. I guess I'll know for sure when I get it out in the field.


Turner Reich
5-Jun-2008, 15:17
How much does it weigh now, it looks strong, no problem there, good going Jim.

Jim Fitzgerald
5-Jun-2008, 18:43
It weights 11 lbs now with the majestic head. Just added 1 lb! That is nothing when you are shooting ULF.