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kev curry
31-May-2008, 01:19
I have just taken rapid delivery of a new Feisol 3471 tripod and CB70 ball head. I'm very
pleased with the quality of the workmanship. Great products. It sure seems like a solid support. When the ball head is locked down its entirely immovable.
I just discovered that the Quick Release plates that I ordered are
fitted with 1/4" camera mounting screws. (The website clearly states
that the mounting screws are indeed 1/4".... I should pay more
attention!) My 10X8 camera requires a 3/8" mounting screw! Is
there anything that can be done to allow me to use the ball head and
Quick Release with my 3/8" camera socket? I've emailed Feisol but impatience to know the solution has gotten the upper hand so I thought I might just ask you folks.


Greg Lockrey
31-May-2008, 01:25
They didn't include one of those 3/8" to 1/4" adapters? Those you should be able to get at your local camera shop for pennies. A 1/4" bolt will hold about 1000 lbs so that's more than enough for your camera.

31-May-2008, 02:08
I was planning on a Markins Q3 but am thinking hard about the Feisol CB-50. Their products seem to be very well made. Would like to hear more from people who have used both Feisol ballheads and the regular Arca/Kirk/RRS/Markins etc.

Michael Heald
31-May-2008, 03:36
I have a Feisol tripod and head, and I'm pleased.

Michael A. Heald

Steve Barber
31-May-2008, 08:28
Look back through the packing material, again. All the gear I have received from Feisol has included extra 3/8's to 1/4 inch adapters. The 1/4 inch screw is more than adequate to attach the plate to the camera, 3/8's is overkill.

kev curry
31-May-2008, 09:33
Steve the camera only accepts a 3/8" mounting screw. The Feisol QP screw is 1/4". Any adapter would have to take it up from 1/4" to 3/8" to accommodate the camera thread.


David Karp
31-May-2008, 09:50
The bushing (adapter) screws into the 3/8 thread in your camera. Then you just screw the plate into the bushing. The bushing should have notches that allow you to use a flat head screw driver to assist you. You should be able to get one at a decent camera store.

kev curry
31-May-2008, 09:59
Thanks folks


Frank Petronio
31-May-2008, 10:28
Try to find the brass ones, some are made from a weak pot metal substance that is brittle.

kev curry
31-May-2008, 11:17
Aye.... will do Frank


Greg Lockrey
31-May-2008, 12:42
Hey, I knew you can do it Kev. :) :) :)

Really Big Cameras
31-May-2008, 13:36
Try to find the brass ones, some are made from a weak pot metal substance that is brittle.

Actually, I'd recommend stainless steel. It's harder and stronger than brass. But Frank's correct that you shouldn't settle for some cheapy made out of mystery metal when a really good stainless steel 1/4-20 to 3/8-16 bushing shouldn't cost more than a few bucks.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras

kev curry
31-May-2008, 14:07
Thanks Kerry


Brian Ellis
1-Jun-2008, 07:42
Aye.... will do Frank


Bogen/Manfrotto makes (or used to make, haven't checked lately) one of these adapters. I don't know what the material is but I've used a couple of them and they worked just fine.

Richard Wasserman
1-Jun-2008, 08:48
Calumet has 3/8-1/4 adapters. The last time I bought one, about 2 years ago, they were stainless steel and well made.

kev curry
1-Jun-2008, 08:55
Brian and Richard..... will try your leads, thanks.