View Full Version : Which one? L-558C or L-758C

29-May-2008, 19:32
I'm considering either of the above Sekonic meters.

Should be L-758D not "C"

I do not do digital, my requirements are for accurate Incident and spot readings and a single meter has appeal. The price for both meters is within $5.00.

I don't know much about the meters so can anyone who has one or the other comment on there suitability for B&W work. I use BTZS with an ExpoDev so need EV numbers.

Which or both has a viewfinder display?

Does one have a better build quality than the other?

What is battery life like?

:) Any other points I'm not aware to ask?


29-May-2008, 21:10
Hi Steve,

I have the L-558 (not "C") and am very happy with it, nice solid feel to it and it seems to be very precise. If there is no price difference, I'd go for the 758, just for the sake of keeping the resale value longer, otherwise I doubt you'd notice any difference for what you need it.

Both have viewfinder display and optional accessories (lens shade, etc.). 558 uses standard 123 battery and mine has lasted a very long time. I've had the unit almost exactly a year now, half of which time it was unused but with the battery installed. It is still good!

Ben Chase
30-May-2008, 03:33
I have the L-558, always been real happy with it.

Walter Calahan
30-May-2008, 04:01
Either meter will do you fine. Really don't think it matters.

Donald Miller
30-May-2008, 12:05
Do you have a reason for wanting a meter that incorporates video and cinematic capabilities? If you see your use as only being still photography the 558R is a good meter. It does have the wireless capability to trigger wizards in studio lighting.

Tim k
30-May-2008, 15:17
I just picked up a 758 and I love it. Of course I don't know what I'm doing.