View Full Version : Feisol ball head experience's?

kev curry
15-May-2008, 12:11
Does anyone have any experience with the Feisol CB 50 or CB 70H ball heads? I'm really tempted to go ahead and order the big CB 70 along with the 3371 leg set to support an 10x8 Shen Hao. Then I thought I best ask first if any of you good folks here could share any experience with the Feisol heads.
Ps: The sight of seeing an 10x8 camera last night for the first time was truly gob smacking.... I'm still in awe......... sorry I just had to tell someone:)


Greg Lockrey
15-May-2008, 12:15
Kev, as far as I know there are two members here that have them. I was hoping after some time when the newness wore off that we would get good field experiance reports.

kev curry
15-May-2008, 13:06
Thanks Greg, hopefully the guys will weigh in with some thoughts. The reports about the quality of the leg sets have been so good I thought ...aach take a wee chance and order it, you cant go that far wrong...........but hell it only takes a minute to ask for help:)

Dan Schmidt
15-May-2008, 15:05
I have the 50 ballhead, so far no complaints with my Wehman 8x10 camera.

15-May-2008, 15:17
I also have the 50 ballhead, and my experience with it has been very fine using my 5x7 Shen-Hao, 4x5 toyo, hasselblad and my Nikon dSLR (with physical short lenses).


Bjorn Nilsson
16-May-2008, 09:20
The 3371 meets my needs with a Sinar 5x7 on top of it. (I do use a Sinar head though.) I guess that I would have bought a 70 ballhead if I wanted one.
I do use a 50 ballhead with my 3401 tripod though. That setup is really nice with my Hasselblad gear. I wouldn't strech it to hold an 8x10, but a light 4x5 would probably be very nice. (Mostly depending on the lens used...)
Both of these tripods mentioned are really great in terms of stability vs. weight. I'm very satisfied with them and the 50 ballhead.

Oh yeah, the delivery from China was really fast too. Less than a week.


Jeremy Moore
16-May-2008, 10:53
I have the smaller 30 ballhead as I only use it with a Canon Digital Rebel and a Mamiya 7ii, but it has been fantastic. Coupled with a set of Feisol legs I now carry a tripod everywhere!

kev curry
17-May-2008, 01:56
Feisol CB 70 it is then, cheers for sharing chaps.


Matus Kalisky
19-May-2008, 00:39
I would sneak in a bit.

-Jeremy -

do you use the CB 30 with button-like mini plates or you have the version with standard arca-swiss style quick release and plates? I am intrigued by this head together with compact Feisol legs set for my Rolleiflex and DSLR. Do you think it would manage (survive) in an extreme case a Tachi 4x5 with a light normal lens (125/5.6 or 210/6.8) ?

Miguel Curbelo
19-May-2008, 05:16
Matus, I use the CB 30 with button-like mini plates with my Rolleicord and it works fine. I have used it as well with my hasselblad + 50mm lens (big and heavy) and it also works fine. It can take the weight of my 4x5, but personally I don't like the combination of LF cameras and ballheads -any ballhead, not just the CB 30.