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Ben R
29-Apr-2008, 01:56

Can you tell me if you can fit a AS QR head to a Manfrotto 410 head? I am too much in love with AS plates and the QR system to want to abandon it completely but I'm finding the use of a ball head rather more difficult with LF and architecture.

Is the 410 strong enough for 4X5? It's rated for up to 5kg which is not very much, I would be wary with a head like that for my DSLR nevermind 4X5, can anyone tell me what they think?

29-Apr-2008, 02:12
I use a Sinar P2 4x5 on my 410, it seems to cope just fine, there's some minor flex in the head that may not withstand too much wind - I've yet to see as I'm new to this caper.

Not a clue WRT the AR head though, I think it would have to be attached to the manfrotto QR plate somehow because the top section of the manfrotto head includes a geared movement.

29-Apr-2008, 02:16
The 410 head is fine for 5x4 - lots of well known UK photographers using large format use and recomend it. Using this head with an Arca quick release is a bit of a pain but do-able. You will need to get one of the AS compatible clamps from Really Right Stuff or Kirk (and probably others) to put on top of the 410. Kirk does one specifically for this head which incorporates the Manfrotto quick release plate in its design.

David Whistance

Ben R
29-Apr-2008, 03:39
I have the RRS lever clamp, how would I attach it?

Aender Brepsom
29-Apr-2008, 04:18
You have to attach it to the QR plate that came with your Manfortto head and permanently leave it in place. It does not really add to the stability, but I did a similar thing on the MA 405 and it worked.

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
29-Apr-2008, 04:56
My experience is otherwise and I do not recommend this head for your camera. I have had a 405 (rated at 7.5 kg, instead the 410's 5 kg) and found it was not strong enough for my A-S 4x5 Monolith. It was a wobbly affair from day one, flex drove me crazy. After little more than a year something internal broke and Manfrotto charged such an obscene amount to fix it, I had a good reason to write it off. I replaced it with a Cambo SCH head http://www.cambo.com/Html/products_photo/set01/english/internet/Group40.html. Living happily ever after. Rocksteady. I would recommend this or something similar.
(I am not affiliated with Cambo etc, etc.).

Peter De Smidt
29-Apr-2008, 06:19
I have a 410 head with a Kirk AS quick release clamp on it. It's fine for Dslr's (except with a super telephoto) and light medium format. It should also be fine with some of the lighter 4x5 cameras, such as a Toho, Chamonix, Ebony RW 45... I wouldn't use it for the heavier rail cameras, such as a Sinar P... They do make a bigger geared head, but I haven't used it.

29-Apr-2008, 06:35
I have used the 410 head for years with a 5x7 Technika and I haven’t noticed any camera shake. I tend to use long lenses (300mm is my most used and I have the Nikkor 360, 500, 750 combo). Rock solid may not be the proper term but solid enough for me.

29-Apr-2008, 06:52
Eithe attach a clamp to a Manfortto QR plate or one of these would work, http://www.kirkphoto.com/platformsc.html.