View Full Version : Waterproof Hard Case to Hold Gnass Case

Ron Marshall
24-Apr-2008, 21:54
I'm looking for a waterproof hard case that will fit my Gnass Gear case (13"L x 5"H x 5.5"W) or a bit larger. The Pellican cases are great, but I don't need something that rugged, and a Pellican in the size I require would be about $55.

I'm hoping for some sort of waterproof gun case, or reel case etc. more reasonably priced than the Pellican types.

24-Apr-2008, 22:09
I don't think you'll find something waterproof in a hard case for much less. Water resistant, maybe. Pelicans are the way to go if you need waterproof. A dry bag is a cheap and easy to use option but won't save your gear if you drop it.

thewaterproofstore.com has some more options

Struan Gray
25-Apr-2008, 03:03
If you don't mind what it looks like, surplus ammunition cases are waterproof, rugged and cheap.

Not so good as hand baggage though.....

Alan Curtis
25-Apr-2008, 12:15
There are also Tundra cases. These cases are waterproof and can really take a beating. They are like the Pellican cases and probably cost the same.

Eric James
25-Apr-2008, 21:56
I would recommend looking for a Lock - n - Lock container - if they make one of the correct size it would cost less than $10. Does is have to be a hard case? If not a dry bag may work. I have seen well-padded roll-top bags at the local fly fishing shop.

For Lock -n- Lock:


Look at the 8.3 cup model on page two.

And for the fly fishing bags: