View Full Version : Good glue for foamcore

Ron Marshall
19-Apr-2008, 20:43
I want to glue some of my foamcore sheets back to back. What is a good glue for this? I won't need to reposition or remove it.

19-Apr-2008, 21:34
I use a double sided tape gun.Try Light Impressions

19-Apr-2008, 22:12
How big?

If not too big, how about rubber cement? Coat both sides, let them almost dry, then put them together. Should be permanent.


Greg Lockrey
19-Apr-2008, 22:19
I use 3M 3/4" double sided mounting tape. A good trick is to mount so that curve sides are opposite face to face that way they pull each other flat.

Ben Chase
19-Apr-2008, 22:21
Gorilla Glue?

Randy H
20-Apr-2008, 03:19
3M super 77 spray. does not attack the foam, will be there forever. repositional for a short period of time. easy to find and use. once pressed together firmy, aint gone nowheres forever. I also use this for bellows. good stuffs.

20-Apr-2008, 03:24
Contact cement does the job but the foam needs to be aerated for a day or so to lose the vapors.

20-Apr-2008, 07:31
I once met a man who built finely detailed full size mock-ups of helicopter cockpits out of foamcore for Boeing. He was an artist. He used hot melt glue almost exclusively. When I tried it, it was a mess. but I was impatient.

20-Apr-2008, 07:55
you might also try polyvinyl acetate ( pva ) sold in
all sorts of art supply stores. its made for gluing paper.

MIke Sherck
20-Apr-2008, 17:34
I built several pinhole cameras out of foam board and Gorilla Glue. The foam board gave up before the glue joints did. Good luck!


20-Apr-2008, 18:12
I build 6x6 lensboards for Deardorff (that also fit my Plaufel Profia) from foam board. It's a super fast and super cheap way how to get a new lens to work if you don't own one of those expensive mounting iris devices. The office max glue stick works as well as a Weldbond glue for me but is less messy. I tried Pliobond once and it dissolves the foam.

Merg Ross
20-Apr-2008, 18:18
If you are concerned about acid free, Best-Test makes a white rubber cement that works well on foamcore. I have used it for making foamcore shipping containers for my prints. Good ventilation is suggested!