View Full Version : Shen-Hao FCL57 owner's, What backpack ?

15-Apr-2008, 14:42

As the title says.. Owners of the FCL57 (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=19657), what kind of backpack do you use?

I have used:
- A crumpler messagner type bag, but it's not usefull for a long walk.:(
- A Lowepro pro trekker AW, to bulky and large.:(
- LowePro Rover plus AW, to tight and not room for more than 2 filmholders :(
- A generic low-cost, unpadded backpack, fitted ok, but a bit un-organized. :o

So now I'm tempted by the f.64 BPX backpack, this seems large, but "flat" rather then bulky. Will this be allowed in the cabin for air travel?

Whats Your experience?

Best regards

Jiri Vasina
15-Apr-2008, 22:53
I don't know about air travel (have not tried), but I do have the f.64 BPX backpack for my Chamonix 5×8" camera, and my brother has the same backpack for his FCL57. We both don't need anything else, it's perfect for the purpose.

Being flat helps better distribute the weight, closer to the back/spine, so it's less strenuous on the muscles of the back. (and easier to not knock people next to you :) ).

16-Apr-2008, 03:27
I had a generic low-cost backpack on my trip to Scotland, but never walked far from the car with it.

As for air travel: Keep all your film in hand luggage, don't worry about the camera as long as it's in a sturdy case. I kept the backpack folded in a suitcase and used the original Shen case for the camera. For my next trip, I'll probably only take quickloads (means 4x5) with me, the film holders are just too heavy and loading/unloading them keeps you busy for up to about an hour a day (depending on how much you shoot).

Also search this forum for experiences about air travel and x-rays in general.