View Full Version : Loading 5x7 holders and a Jobo 3006 tank - Is the Harrison "standard" sufficient?

10-Apr-2008, 08:01
My largest format is 5x7. I'm looking for a changing tent comfortable enough to load my holders as well as my Jobo 3006.

Harrison makes two sizes:

- Harrison Standard Film Changing Tent (36 x 27 x 14")
- Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent (48 x 28 x 19")

Does anyone have experience using the smaller size with the 3006? Does it work comfortably? The price difference is $50, and that'd be a great $ + space savings if I could get away with the Standard.


10-Apr-2008, 08:47
I change 8x10 holders in the 'standard/medium' size harrison tent. 5x7 should be fine, I would think.

vintage racer
10-Apr-2008, 08:55
Hi John,
I've been using the 36 x 27 x 14" standard tent loading 4x5 in the Jobo 3006 with no trouble. I load the 3006 tank on its side, the standard tent has just enough height to secure the lid while the tank is upright. The standard tent has plenty of work space. Also when folded the tent fits nicely in my rubbermaid roughneck "film box".

-Eddie Garza

10-Apr-2008, 08:57
Great, thanks for the tip.

Now -- anyone selling a Harrrison standard?

Ron Marshall
10-Apr-2008, 13:17
I load from 5x7 into the 3006 in a Photoflex tent. It's a bit tight.