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8-Apr-2008, 16:43
I see that there Majestic tripod heads that are screwmounted - I have a couple of older ones that are post mounted (meaning that they have a hollow tube intended to fit over a tripod post, rather than being screwed onto the tripod) - is there a way to convert a post-mounted Majestic head into a screw mounted one? I want to put it on a Zone VI set of legs.

Also, were there different sizes of post-mounted tripods? The hollow tube of one of my Majestic heads seems slightly smaller than the other, and so the heads are not interchangeable.

David A. Goldfarb
8-Apr-2008, 16:45
There are two standard post sizes, and you can get an adapter from Majestic for either one to 3/8"-16 screw mount for around $15 last I checked.

8-Apr-2008, 17:05
Thanks - so there are adaptors of some sort. I thought there would be

David A. Goldfarb
8-Apr-2008, 18:39
Yes, you can find them at www.bencher.com, and order them through all the usual places.

John Powers
8-Apr-2008, 18:43

These may be what you want. I just bought the smaller one through B&H so I could try a Majestic head on my Ries legs. B&H drop shipped through Majestic in IL.


Majestic 800 3/8" Screw to 1-1/2" Post Adapter - to Mount 1200 or 1900 Series Head on Tripods with 3/8" Screw Mfr# 80800 • B&H# MA800 Price: $ 19.95


Majestic 802 3/8" Screw to 1-7/8" Post Adapter - to Mount 1200 or 1900 Series Head on Tripods with 3/8" Screw Mfr# 80802 • B&H# MA802 Price: $ 24.95


8-Apr-2008, 21:58
Thanks - do they stick tight on the screw post? A majestic head is pretty heavy!
Surprising that a photo item is less than $20 for once!!!

8-Apr-2008, 22:58

I've got two majestic heads, both use the insert. I use one on an old set of heavy bogen legs and the other on a heavy Arkay stand. I use the 1/4 x 20 side and they have never come loose except when I need to swap heads. If you feel liek it, a vey thin bushing of nylon or cork might help to snug the whole thing down. Just tighten the head on the plug and torque the whole thing down, then loosen the head a rotate to the desired position and retighten.


Chauncey Walden
9-Apr-2008, 09:08
And I need to go the other way! I either need a post mount head or an adapter to go from a post mount tripod to a screw mount head.