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Dave Saunders
7-Apr-2008, 08:55
We often hear of complaints against companies for one thing or another, so I wanted to redress the balance with a shout out of thanks.

Firstly to Feisol. Placed an order for a tripod on Tuesday last week arrived this morning. only 6 days Taiwan to UK. A fantastic tripod and a third of the price of Gitzo!

Secondly to Gossen. Last week I lost the lens cap off my Starlite spot meter. I sent them an email asking for quote for replacements, and wow! 4 days later 3 spare caps arrive in the post from Germany.

Thirdly to Parcelforce UK. Often known as a "some day one day" service. With my tracking number for my tripod I knew it was on the round out for delivery today, so at 9am I phone local office to find out if they knew roughly when it would be delivered, they said it will be here at 2pm. At bang on 2pm it arrives at my door!

Good news over for today, moaning will resume tomorrow.

Peter De Smidt
12-Apr-2008, 11:18
Highlighting the positive. Great idea! I've had some great service recently from Ink Republic and Frame Destination.

gari beet
12-Apr-2008, 12:15
Good point indeed, to that end I have to say that Robert White are always efficient and prompt at getting stuff to me, one end of the country to the other.

Ffordes in Inverness are always great also.


12-Apr-2008, 12:25
Mr Cad is usually great. I was forgotten about when I made an enquiry over the phone last time I tried which wasted me an hour waiting for a callback, only to find they didn't have the item in stock. But usually when emailing then ordering they are great. Of course the last disappointment led me onto Bob Rigby, who was amazing.

I've had amazing service from Bob Rigby.
The service there was amazing. I asked for next day delivery past their usual postal deadline for the day and they rushed to get the items to me the next day.

MW Classic is mediocre but the price is right. Had a problem last time I tried to buy from them, but I've been happy with what I have bought.

I've not bought from them yet, but Robert White have been great with my (fruitless) enquiries. I'd not hesitate to buy from them.

I'd also recommend T4 Cameras and Ace Cameras if those two stores have anything you might want. I buy anything I can from T4, and I was in Bath and bought a great little Rollei B35 in Ace.

Ron Marshall
12-Apr-2008, 14:09
Bedger Graphics, KEH Camera Brokers and Midwest Photo Exchange have been great to deal with each and every time.

Peter De Smidt
12-Apr-2008, 14:49
I agree wholeheartedly with Ron, Badger Graphics is a great place!

12-Apr-2008, 14:52
I lost the cap on my Fuji Quickload, and a guy in the repair department found an old one in his spare parts box and sent it to me for postage. I was simply amazed someone answered the phone, let alone generously helped me out.