View Full Version : Help with customized backpack lining

5-Apr-2008, 21:51
I carry my equipment (Tachi 4x5, 4 lenses, Pentax spotmeter, Toyo loupe, filter pouche) in a 16 qt Target clear plastic box in a Kelty Redwing backpack.

I would like to line the box with foam, such that half the box (where the folded camera goes) would have a thin layer of insulation, and half would have a block of foam or styrofoam into which I'd carve room for the lenses.

Can you suggest a source for close-cell foam (1/2 in and ~2 inch)? Is styrofoam a good idea (I'm concerned it might crumble or break)? Any other experience, tip or suggestion?

Many thanks.

David Karp
5-Apr-2008, 21:57
Don't use styrofoam. It will break and crumble and get into everything.

I purchased some closed cell foam from Foam Mart in Burbank. Ask them for the stuff that they cell to the movie industry to line movie camera cases.


Ron Marshall
5-Apr-2008, 21:57
See this thread:


John Schneider
5-Apr-2008, 23:16
Check out the fabric overstock store Tempe Sales; they often have sheets of foam as well.

5-Apr-2008, 23:58
I have used the closed cell foam in the form of sleeping pads for backpacking.


Jim Fitzgerald
6-Apr-2008, 06:27
Go to Wal Mart and get one of the blue sleeping pads in the camping section. It is about 1/2" thick and you get a big piece for about $ 8.00.