View Full Version : Strap for Viewfinder

Greg Liscio
1-Apr-2008, 18:27
Just purchased a Fotoman large format viewfinder from Badger Photographic. You can buy 4X5 and 8X10 masks for the lens you wish to use. Cost was $200, plus $20 for each mask. Also has an embedded bubble level. It seems very handy.

The viewfinder has a standard shoe - attached by two screws - which can be removed.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can rig a neck strap for the viewer? I recall reading somewhere that someone had removed the shoe and attached a loop in its place, through which the loop was attached.


John Schneider
2-Apr-2008, 15:39
The post to which you're referring was for removing the mounting shoe from a modern Linhof Universalsucher. Doubtless the Fotoman attachment scheme is different. Search for recent Linhof finder threads if you're still interested.