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29-Mar-2008, 16:43
I thought I'd post this partly due to the surprise of discovering this miniature large format sheet film from Fuji in 62mm x 88mm dimension (2"x3").

In the era of the small large format press camera, (50-60 years ago), this format was very popular. A number of us on the www.graflex.org forum and vintage Plaubel Makina users continue to adhere to sheet film although its status as a large format item is equivocal.

Here it is:


Since regular supplies of Ilford FP4+ & HP5+ are no longer available, Fuji Acros is available in 2"x3" sheet format as a Japanese import. The same characteristic attention to detail is given by Fuji in its packaging as well as its negative rebate with the pinhole for flawless dry-down.

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Bob Jones
29-Mar-2008, 21:29
Are you sure this is the size you think it is? I just measured a sheet of Arista 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 and it is 56mm x 81.5mm, or about 2-3/16 x 3-3/16".

62mm x 88mm is about 2-7/16" x 3-7/16".

No way will that fit in my holders.

Renato Tonelli
30-Mar-2008, 09:09
Are you sure this is the size you think it is? I just measured a sheet of Arista 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 and it is 56mm x 81.5mm, or about 2-3/16 x 3-3/16".

62mm x 88mm is about 2-7/16" x 3-7/16".

No way will that fit in my holders.

I was getting all excited... wondering if it would fit my 6x9 Linhof holders. I'' have to measure the actual clearance in the holders.

30-Mar-2008, 16:16
Are you sure this is the size you think it is? I just measured a sheet of Arista 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 and it is 56mm x 81.5mm, or about 2-3/16 x 3-3/16".

62mm x 88mm is about 2-7/16" x 3-7/16".

No way will that fit in my holders.

Hi Bob,

Does certainty ever guarantee ...anything..? Attempting to verify the measurement of the 3 boxes of 62mm x 88mm film with a centimetre rule, I find it hard to arrive at any other conclusion that this film can be anything other than 62mm x 88mm. There is no variation in dimensions of any of the 3 boxes ordered from the Japanese import shop link (Unicircuits).

As a user of a camera such as:


discovering the new release from Fuji is a source of surprise and joy for me. The Plaubel Makina, like most European "6x9cm" film cameras, use a different film size compared to the American Graflex: 62mm x 88mm, the closest format size deserving of the epithet: "2 x 3 inch". Originating back in the late 1920's, it is also one of the oldest press cameras of this strut design; using the sheet holders reduces the weight and dimension of the camera according to the size of a 120 roll film holder (rear of camera in above image).

Surmising from the www.graflex.org resource, the size of approximately 56mm x 82mm, seems to correspond well with the "2x3 inch" Graflex Grafmatic standard, as well as the single "2x3 inch" DDS holders for which Arista (American?) supported this format with various film emulsions.

Any user of this American standard [56mm x 82mm] may find themselves at a loss with the new release. The Graflex Century was able to use any 56mm wide film with an appropriiate 120 roll film holder - 56mm representing the actual smaller dimension of the 120 film roll. Perhaps the sheet holders were standardised for this format due to the Graflok back?

On the other hand, classic European 6x9cm press cameras and in particular, the original German 6x9cm interchangeable roll film back cameras, from which Japanese models were designed and calqued, have an older tradition, grounded in the sheet film format. It is more likely that any photographer with a European camera using sheet holders with 'Plaubel Makina' or "A&P [Paris] may find that the gate dimension of their holder supports the new Fuji Acros sheet film.

I've not seen or understood why Fuji choose 62mm x 88mm, however the abundance of such German/Japanese type vintage press camera users in Japan may promote sufficient focus from Fuji to garner a release on this classic format. Perhaps that is the only reason which comes to mind, which can explain why this film is not exported outside of Japan.

Renato - you may be surprised to find that the Linhof has different sheet holders, some which use a larger negative area. I'm sure (?) other Linhof users would appreciate your findings.

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Bob Jones
30-Mar-2008, 17:20
I would not question that the film would fit 6x9 holders. When you said 2" x 3" and mentioned graflex.org I assumed you were referring to the old 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" sheet format, like the Miniature Speed Graphic. Never having used the Plaubel, I didn't remember that it was 6x9.

OK. New film for 6x9 cameras, but not for 2-1/4" x 3-1/4".

30-Mar-2008, 21:43
The 6.5 x 9 (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") format is called "dai-meishi" (meaning "large business card") and dates back to 1910-1920. Now "dai-meishi" and 6x9 are, to some extent, used interchangeably.
The Pro 160NS datasheet also lists the size, so it seems there is fair amount of demand for the format.

31-Mar-2008, 06:28
Hi Bob,

That's correct - your measurements are more precise than the approximate "2x3 inch" notation I have used due to the absence of a ruler in inches. One aspect of the 6x9cm format which has become clearer to me since Fuji's new release is a subtle yet important difference in sheet size and standardisation in Europe & Japan compared to the States.

The Plaubel history, dating back to Schrader's time, had various sized formats including 1/4 plate. The 6x9cm Stereo Makina, Plaubel Makina press cameras are the most memorable due to the 40 year lifespan of the camera. It's history is summarised in the Lens Vademecum:


Returning to the sheet film, Europe has a long tradition of the 6.5x9cm sheet format too. Agfa Gevaert (Leverkusen) manufactured 6.5cm x 9cm format film in APX100, APX400, RSX100 etc prior to their reorganisation.

Hiro - thank you for the fascinating detail on the origin of the 'dai-meishi'. I presume the Pro 160NS 62mmx88mm sheet film is also available only as a Japanese import.

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David A. Goldfarb
31-Mar-2008, 07:21
Hmm...so I'm guessing this film will fit my one Linhof 6.5x9cm filmholder, but not my Graflex and Grafmatic 2x3" holders, BUT both holders have the same external dimensions, and both work in my 2x3" Tech V.

Maybe Dan Fromm or one of the other 2x3" enthusiasts can confirm whether 6.5x9cm holders work in the American 2x3" press cameras. I'd assume they fit the back but that the film gate is smaller, so it would be another option for 2x3" shooters, even if it doesn't use the full film area.

1-Apr-2008, 15:59
Hi David,

As far as I recall, Linhof sheet film holders were sold in sequentially numbered packs of 12? Nonetheless the move away from sheet film for this size may have broken up the set. The Graflex Grafmatic interior dimensions just don't allow the width (62mm) of the new sheet film to fit. The length seems less of an issue for each individual septum, and a slight cut down may be required. I'd guess that the Linhof Press camera belongs to the western European/Japanese 6x9cm tradition, than the American one (until someone verifies..).

Last year the 2x3" film issue cropped up on the Graflex site - it seems that most American '6x9cm' or 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch sheet film users are only aware of the Arista/ Ilford cut sheet dimensions (suitable for the Graflex).

Looking into the background of the Dai-Meishi & 62mm x88mm, a clear line of (western) European & Japanese camera manufacturers supporting the 62mm x82mm format:

Sebastian Lallement's page details the Musashino Rittreck in English:


(if it's okay to link)

The early Japanese pre-roll Sakura camera; German Buschmann, Ernemann and the Reflex Korelle all used the same 62mm x 88mm (6.5x9.0cm approx) sheet film inserts although the latter is best known for its 6x6cm roll film capability. The German Zeiss Nixe used either 6.5cm x 9.0cm sheet film and/or quarter plate sizes.

I'm sure there are plenty of other 6x9cm film cameras - especially others in the non-English language domain which have contemporary use.

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3-Apr-2008, 09:50
I was wanting to shoot using the sheet film holders for my Plaubel Makina II. I knew that Freestyle was good about supporting B&W film and special orders, so about a year ago I asked them if they could order me some 6.5x9cm Efke sheet film. They were very good to do so for me and I've been very happly with them. I did have to order 20 boxes but now if you look at their site you will notice that Efke 6.5x9cm film is now stocked in ISO 25 and 100.
Robert N.

Renato Tonelli
4-Apr-2008, 05:09
I would like to express my thanks to everyone above for the discussion, all the more so because I have found the Fuji Acros a very appealing film. I am bound to try it once my supply of the Agfa APX100 is finished.

Dirk Rösler
9-Apr-2008, 05:34
I have just discovered that Pro 160 NS colour neg is also available as dai-meishi!

22-Jan-2009, 07:31
sorry for my ignorance ,

im getting confused here, does that mean i can use these sheet films (the stated acros 62x88mm) for my century graphic? i do have 6X6, 6X7, 6X9 film backs.

but i suppose i need to purchase the original sheet film back back for it, no?

jackson :)

Turner Reich
20-Feb-2009, 18:40
Lisco 23 double sided film holders and Grafmatics take 56x81mm sheet film. Too bad Fuji won't cut some to this size for us.

29-Apr-2009, 23:31
Fuji Acros 100 in sheet film