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Mark Sampson
27-Mar-2008, 09:49
I'm finally fed up with my Bogen 3047 tripod head. It's 21 years old and is now way too much trouble to tighten; I'm tired of the sudden shift when I haven't cranked hard enough on the handle. I use an 8lb. 4x5 camera, and am contemplating a return to 8x10 (which would weigh 2X that). So I'm looking for a pan-tilt head that will fit on a Bogen 3036 legset (that at least still works fine), and will do the jobs listed above.
Ideas anyone?

27-Mar-2008, 09:59
Take a look at the Bogen 410. It's not supposed to be for 8x10, but I have no issues with it on my Master View and 8x10 Ansco with a heavy lens. It's a dream with 4x5 field cameras and anything smaller.

The beauty of it is that it is micrometer adjustments, both gross and fine. Therefore, it revolves around every axis for very, very precise positioning.

I've had mine for at least 20 years, (I think 25) and it has needed no adjustments.

Also a very secure grab on the camera plate.


27-Mar-2008, 11:01
A Bogen 410 is a great head and it works well with light and moderate weight 4x5/5x7 setups. However, with the kind of weight you're talking about on an 8x10, I would suggest the Gitzo 1570. Not only is the 1570 relatively light, but it has a very large base with plenty of support, and nice sturdy handles to grab onto. With the 410, I think you'd find yourself grabbing the base of your 8x10 camera frequently as you made head adjustments.

Also -- and I'm assuming that you're not using a center column tripod on with the 8x10 -- bear in mind that with the 410, the x-tilt will only allow for about 5-10 degrees of back tilt on the head because the gross adjustment knob will hit the top of most tripod legs.

31-Mar-2008, 04:51

i got a 3039 head from bogen. it takes the same plate as my 3047 and holds more weight. i like it.

an ironic thing is i bought a much lighter 8x10 camera and now my tripod-head combo is a bit over kill! :)


31-Mar-2008, 18:38
Hi Mark,

I agree with Lenser on the 410... great head. But, IMHO, I thought it was a bit light for a Dorff 8x10 (especially with an extended bellows and longer focal length lens.)

My suggestion, fwiw, is to look at either the 405 or a B2 head (in anticipation of your future 8x10! :))


John O'Connell
1-Apr-2008, 06:54
I'm in the same boat as you, Mark---I need a new 3-way head for 8x10 on my 3236. I'm thinking of trying out the Giottos MH-5001, because it seems that if you need to hold a 12# camera and lens, most of your options are in the $200 range, and I'm unwilling to pay that much for a 3-way head.

BTW, the center column on the 3036 is fine with 8x10 if you don't extend it too far.

Darryl Baird
1-Apr-2008, 21:33
Anybody using an Induro head for 8x10? I looked at a DM 23, (load specs at 39 lbs.) which carries a nice educator discount. I have a Gitzo 410 Studex tripod, but am looking for something a little lighter in the future and the Induro aluminum tripods we're equally appealing.