View Full Version : Model numbers of old Gitzo tripod and head?

24-Mar-2008, 01:50
Does anyone know the model numbers of this tripod and head?

The tripod has four sections, is about 22" long when fully retracted (with the center post installed), takes a center post or a flat insert (for ultra-low positions). With the center post the tripod weighs 7.2 lbs. It will support an 8x10 camera.

I believe the head is a 570 Rationelle. Is that correct? The head weighs about 3.2 lbs.

One further question (or two if taken separately) -- does anyone have an idea about how much is each worth in today's market?

Brian Ellis
26-Mar-2008, 23:31
Is the platform 3 3/4" x 3"? If so then the head is probably the G472 Rational Series 4. If the platform is 6 3/" x 4" then the head is probably the G570 Rational Series 5. If it's neither size then I don't know what it is.

Gitzo made several 4 section aluminum tripods with a center post and I don't know the distinguishing features of each. If you care to measure the extended height and folded length I might be able to tell what it is. The Gitzos I have that look like yours have a Gitzo decal with a number near the top of one leg. I take it yours doesn't.

For value, I don't price tripods so I don't know. Unfortunately these older aluminum (I'm assuming that's what yours is from the picture) tripods are usually pretty heavy and with the lighter carbon fiber tripods that have proliferated and come way down in price I'm not sure it's worth much. As a guess I'd say maybe $100-$150 or so with the head but that's a complete guess. The fact that it's a Gitzo certainly helps, that's still the big name brand in tripods.

Gord Robinson
27-Mar-2008, 21:29
It looks like an older Pro-Studex Standard Rapid- probably from the 1970s. If the leg diameter is 1 3/4" then that is probably what it is. The three individual leg positions that it has to allow you to flatten the legs out indicates that it is the performance model rather than the standard model with one leg position. Normally suited for cameras up to 5x7 and video and 16mm. If the head measures 7x3 3/4" it is probably a 470 Rationelle 4. If it is 6 3/4x4" then it is a 570 Rationelle 5. The newer 472 rational 4B is smaller 3 3/4x3"
The newer Studex tripods in the 1990s has a smaller leg diameter of about 1 1/4"
Hope this helps