View Full Version : Minolta Color Meter Calibration?

22-Mar-2008, 13:48
I have a Monilta Color Meter IIIf and it's a little off...

Does anyone know where to get it calibrated?

Mark Woods
22-Mar-2008, 14:06
Quality Light Metric. Mine's going there next week.

22-Mar-2008, 14:09
Quality Light Metric. Mine's going there next week.

do you know how much it costs for the repair?

all my google searching seems to end at QLM...

Helen Bach
23-Mar-2008, 05:06
I used to get my colour meters calibrated regularly until I realised that absolute accuracy wasn't really important and it wasn't always possible anyway. Consistency is important, and a meter that is slightly out of calibration will deliver that to the same degree as one in calibration. Even after calibration, the green-magenta balance was not always as accurate as the display resolution implied, but the error appeared to be consistent.