View Full Version : Crown graphic flash

20-Mar-2008, 09:13
hey i'm looking to sync a modern metz flash (i think a cl 41) to a crown grapic with the ektar 127mm lens, i cant see a modern flash sync only the two pins. does anyone know of a way to connect them without damaging to metz (its my colleges)

Thanx Jimi

Dave Parker
20-Mar-2008, 10:16
Just get a conversion cord, many stores sell them to go from bi-pole to pc socket, I made mine out of old pc cord and a electric shaver cord....I know that some of the conversion cords made, do have a resistor or diode in them though, but you should be able to get one from most stores...that sell good equipment...

20-Mar-2008, 12:31
If you're not a do-it-yourselfer like Dave, check out the Paramount web site. They will make any kind of cord for you.

Ralph Barker
20-Mar-2008, 13:04
Before getting the adapter cord, you might want to make sure your shutter has a little switch to go from M to X sync (M being for flash bulbs, as used in the original Graphic "light sabers", and X for electronic flash). Absent the switch, it is probably M-only sync.

21-Mar-2008, 10:17
Depending on shutter, it might give delay times rather than M or X. If it shows 0 (not off) it is the same as x-sync.