View Full Version : sheetfilm.be - group purchases of ULF film

18-Mar-2008, 16:36
Hi All,

This month, I started selling Wephota sheet film (German company, basically ORWO-style film), in addition to my ground glass, and would offer the ULF community the possibility of getting into group orders for specific film formats.
Wephota is available in 25, 100 and 400 ASA film speed (400 ASA not for all sizes).

I'm thinking of organising a grouped order every x months in a specific format, if there is enough interest in such.

For those interested in the purchase of sheet film in sizes 11x14" and above, and odd sizes (think about whole plate here...), please drop me an email or a PM stating the size and film speed and number of boxes (per 25 sheets) you would be interested in.
Prices for most formats are already on my website.
There is no obligation of purchase in this enquiry.

After I evaluated the interest in specific formats, I will re-announce (or maybe cancel, worst-case) a group purchase for a specific film format (open for 30 days) on LF.info and apug.org so people who might have missed it can still tune in.

As shipping outside the EC is not inexpensive, I'd like to have contact with one person who could handle the import and redistribution in his/her area (not Europe). Conditions can be spoken of. If this can not be arranged, there will be individual overseas shipping costs per order.

Kind regards,