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13-Mar-2008, 05:56

Where can I find 33mm push-on caps? I need some for an ektar 203mm.
There is "Kaiser 33mm" on B&H video, but I live in EU.
Is there a dealer in EU which sells Kaiser caps?
Do You have an idea where I should look for them?

Peter K
13-Mar-2008, 06:47
Schneider Optics offers lens caps in different sizes. There is an adress of a norwegian dealer also:
LARS FARNES A/S Pottemakerveien 8 N - 0901 Oslo 9 Fon: +47 - 22 - 16 29 30 Fax: +47 - 22 - 16 47 39 lars@farnes.no

Steve Goldstein
13-Mar-2008, 06:57
I believe the Kaiser caps are made in Germany. I have bought them here in the US from B&H, and the quality is fine. They are not quite as nice as the Schneider caps, but they are half the price.


Peter K
13-Mar-2008, 07:02
On Kaiser's website http://www.kaiser-fototechnik.de/en/vertrieb/europa/3_2_index.asp
also a dealer in Norway is listet.

13-Mar-2008, 07:10
With Your pointer that I should search in Germany I have the compay WWW address with local vendors. "Kaiser" is very bad word for searching.


I hope I will be able to convince local vendors for getting those caps.

Aender Brepsom
13-Mar-2008, 07:34
You could order it here:


Online shop in Germany.