View Full Version : Black Jacket focus cloth on Ebony SW810?

11-Mar-2008, 18:13
Has anyone here tried using a Black Jacket focus cloth or even the BTZS cloth on a non folding 8x10 Ebony camera?
On most folding type cameras the rear box of the camera seems to "hang" off the back of the focus rails a bit, so you can get that type of focusing tube around the cabinet. On the non folding Ebony, the wooden rails are directly under the back, and unless you rack back (focus) the rear standard a bit, the rails are inside the bed.
So, has anyone been able to use a tube type focus cloth on one of these cameras?
thanks folks!
Robert N.

Mike Castles
11-Mar-2008, 19:20
Not an Ebony camera, but my Eastman No.2 does not allow me to fit the BlackJacket around the back, but with the bag that BlackJacket fits in, does double duty and fits inside the BlackJacket to block the light. Fits nice and snug with velcro. Check out the website, and I think there is a video showing how this works, give Keith a call or check the website for addtional information. Can't speak fo rthe BTZS, as I haven't used one, but it was my 2nd choice. The BlackJacket worked perfectly.