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Dave Saunders
5-Mar-2008, 01:14
I'm thinking of buying some older Bowens Monolites (400d,800e,mono Gold,etc). Does any one know if current lighting attachments, soft boxes etc, will fit on these older lights?
Thanks in advance

5-Mar-2008, 01:34
Umbrellas will easily fit in a bracket under the lights. Soft boxes were attached by a special bracket that was attached to the lock knobs on the sides by special 'ears' and were dedicated to the Bowens soft boxes. There are some 'universal' mounts that photoflex made that could strap on and fit their soft boxes to any lights. Maybe other companies have a similar adapted system for mounting. Calumet and Bowens had snoots that also fit these, but I have no idea if they still have them in stock. I have seen several of them on ebay, but make sure they are for those specific lights. There were also a few different reflectors and barn doors that were made for these units.

By the way. I used these for several years before upgrading and they are terrific lights for portraiture and small product. Not enough power for big room sets or architecture, but they will do what you need in the studio with ease.


5-Mar-2008, 11:55
Try the Bowens forum for more info (they have a classifieds section too) http://www.bowens.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl

Also, don't forget that the Mono lights are getting a bit old (tired), and while being cheap to purchase therefor, they might be difficult/expensive to repair should something go wrong (finding parts, flash tubes,...). The Bowens forum (do a search there) can probably guide you to the right models and which ones to avoid.

PS: A fellow I sometimes collaborate with here in my town still uses them for portraiture and on-location work.:)

Ron Marshall
5-Mar-2008, 12:05
Compare the price of the Bowens to the price of new White Lightning units. I have a few and they are as well built as the Bowens. If there is not much difference you might be safer going for new units.

Michael Graves
5-Mar-2008, 13:49
Photoflex makes a "universal" connector ring for their boxes that works quite well on the Bowens heads.

Ted Harris
5-Mar-2008, 15:46
Why not contact Bowens direct?

The US Sales Manager is John Caney and you can reach him at jcaney@bowensusa.com or 508-862-9274 by phone.