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2-Mar-2008, 14:29
Hello All,
Does anyone use this company from matt board, negative/photo sleeves and or frames? Their prices seem reasonable. Any thoughts on this or other internet stores any of you have used would be great.

domenico Foschi
2-Mar-2008, 14:35
I abandoned them 2 years ago for poor customer service, lots of stuff non in stock and because they would charge me a fee for personally going to pick up material at their will call facility.
I now use Larson&Juhl for mat boards, frames and such and Freestyle for others items.

Ted Harris
2-Mar-2008, 15:05
There are many other companies that give better service and lower prices o the same goods.

For framing supplies I use www.framingsupplies.com

For negative and transparency sleeves usually Midwest Photo www.mpex.com

Eric Biggerstaff
2-Mar-2008, 16:41
I continue to use them but their customer service has become rather spotty.

I know several people who are now buying mat board from PrintFile, they have an on line site.

Oren Grad
2-Mar-2008, 17:04
I've purchased negative and print storage materials from Light Impressions for many years, but their performance has become erratic over the last few years. They're often out of stock for extended periods on non-exotic items, and if you order through their website there's no warning about stock status.

I've started to cast my net a bit wider and have recently bought from Print File, Hollinger and University Products. The University Products website is difficult to use; it's less confusing to get their very extensive print catalog and order by phone.

Frank Petronio
2-Mar-2008, 17:51
In fairness to Light Impressions, they were sold - the founder, Bill Edwards, is a first class guy and "in the day" they were great (I am a former employee).

Louie Powell
2-Mar-2008, 18:02
I've been doing business with them for years, and even visited their shop "back in the day" when they were located in Rochester. I've been very pleased with their Westminster conservation board, their archival boxes, and other items that I've bought from them.

But I do sense that they are "more commercial" today than before the company was sold and moved to LaLa land.

Merg Ross
2-Mar-2008, 22:09
I have used them for over twenty years and still attempt to be a loyal customer. However, with so many items on backorder, it is becoming more difficult to support them. My current order for Westminster mat board is now approaching five weeks, and with a deadline for my next exhibit, I may be forced to find an alternative supplier. The price has never been an issue, but delivery time is very important. Their products, in my opinion, are of excellent quality as is their selection. I wish them continued success.

Mark Sampson
3-Mar-2008, 12:59
The old Light Impressions store in Rochester is now called "Lumiere Photo", owne d by the Bill Edwards Frank mentions above. They are a Light Impressions dealer, and they have at least the kind of board I want in stock. Might be worth checking them out if you want their stuff and the parent company is being unresponsive.

Jon Shiu
3-Mar-2008, 14:41
Calumet also stocks the Light Impressions Westminster mat board.


10-May-2008, 07:44
I am going through hell right now with them trying to get a Westminster DuoTone mat board order right. They keep cutting it in the wrong direction!

Does anyone know of an alternate source for this special DuoTone mat board? I like the 6 ply and the two tone colors in the bevel - but dealing with LI to get it is getting ridiculous. I may have to go back to cutting it myself to keep using it.

John Powers
10-May-2008, 16:06
For mats, Nielsen frames and plexi I switched to Americanframe.com in Toledo, OH. They often cut mats to spec and ship next day. For me, just south of Cleveland, that means one day shipping.


Michael Graves
10-May-2008, 16:27
I love their clear plastic sleeves for mounted prints, and their mylar sleeves for 8x10. Lately, getting mat board has been an issue. I have a $200+ order that has been on back order for a couple of weeks now. I love their products.....but the order I put into American Frame got here in full and in three days.

But they don't sell the sleeves and negative envelopes, so I guess I stick with LI for those.

10-May-2008, 17:39
Try clearbags.com for the print sleeves - more sizes than you could imagine!

Michael N. Meyer
10-May-2008, 18:56
Arthur, check out Talas on 20th Street (talas-nyc.com). They're great for mat board and storage boxes/bags (as well all kinds of fun book making, archival storage and art restoration supplies). They'll also custom make boxes (and bags?) in the sizes you need/want.

For frames, the frame shops at Pearl Paint or the Third Avenue Art Supply are fairly good. Pearl is good for plexi, too. The plastic shops on Canal street are even better. They've got great selection and will cut it down to whatever size you need.

Don Dudenbostel
11-May-2008, 14:07
I only order items I can't get other places which is very rare. Service was poor, orders wrong, prices are high and shipping was extremely slow.